Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s Watch: A Classic-Influenced, Daily Piece

Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s WatchThe name of Orient is associated with stability and consistence which proves the Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s Watch is in adherence to the brands uncompromising standards. It is more austere and to-the-point than the gorgeous and ornamented Swiss dress pieces. It also doesn’t hold a chronometer certification despite resembling closely the accuracy of the Swiss Chronometers once you break it in more or less correctly. Neither is there any other of the extreme Swiss wizardries. It’s just about the precision, reliability and resistivity (humidity and shock) added with an efficient auto-winding and an ease of maintenance (which is ‘no maintenance’). The Jap magic is at work everywhere in the Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s Watch.

Orient has a tremendous capability for designing fine watches which definitely shows its finest representations through the Star Collection. Even the Galant and Bambino is a name that has attained an almost cult status. The simplicity of the Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s Watch is based on its collective and uniform, identically expert execution of craftsmanship. Orient has been extremely diverse in design with the Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s Watch from the Star but not with the care given to create this piece. It is the kind of watch that gets you into watches as a hobby. The Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s Watch might just be a most interesting time-day-date watch on the planet.

Orient’s deep journey into the finest watch-making traditions makes the Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s watch a well-grained, well finished and well-defined, smooth-edged piece. Its great advantage is – It demands nothing exclusive as Swiss watches often. The Orient Mens Watch are accessible to everybody with subtle tastes. There’s no need for specific tools to open it if you decide to clean, adjust and lubricate it once in a while and you don’t pay greatly for that.

All we can say to draw a final conclusion upon the Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s Watch is it’s an extremely good quality watch that exudes almost the same qualities of above-entry-level Swiss’. Still, it is nowhere near the price and often, an expensive maintenance. The Orient Automatic FAL00002B0 Men’s Watch looks almost as good as the entry level Swiss beneath the dial, with a robust, precision motor! Its exteriors gleam softly with light and create a FAR subtler appearance when paired with either casuals or light formals.

Bottom line:

Especially for newcomers to the mechanical world, Orient creates a piece that will serve as a go-to watch for everything from work to play. The Orient Diver Sporty Automatic Men’s Watch can take hours-long grinding on the desk; then the wild bumps with music and a couple of spilt drinks and it shall still be smiling for years down the line.


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