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Ratio Freediver watches – An idea expressed with sufficient clarity

Ratio II Free Diver Professional 200M Quartz 36JL140 Men’s WatchThe Ratio freediving watches are not quite the usual diving watches that you come across. But they relate to the water, so picking one up from the array sets you moving in the right direction. You get them both on steel bracelets and silicon rubber straps but as someone who rushes to the seaside every given opportunity, you will feel comfortable to know that the Ratio watches fits over the diving suit amazingly and sticks there too! The heavy-set buckles and clasp are tough nuts to break! This is especially true for the extendable rubber strap folded like the bellow of a squeeze box; it absorbs the shocks resulting from sudden pulls and lessens the load from upon the buckle and the clasp.

A lot of people dislike wearing a bracelet in the waters but some do not. For them, just a Ratio II Free Diver Professional 200M Quartz Men’s Watch or a Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic Men’s Watch would be sufficient. They are rather inexpensive for what they are. Are you aware that they also perform equally well on land and in the air? There’s no way you are going to feel anguished or ill-equipped to test their mettle! They are designed to complement their chunky appearance; as state-of-the-art as some of the high-end watches with a cost many of us find to be prohibitive.

Therefore, if by any means your Ratio Freediver watch ends up in Davy Jones’ Locker, you will not go back to the seller and demand restitution. You’ll simply buy another to fill your empty wrist.

A Ratio Freediver watch is best suited for 25 year olds and above. Unless you are a big-framed teenager, don’t go for it. And it’s certainly not meant for babies.

Those looking for an upgrade from quartz analog and/or digital wrist wear shall find the Ratio Freedivers an awesome option, which might also get you planning about becoming a collector! This is one watch to be with you every single second, every day. From the office to the beach, back to business meetings and more, it fits (and meets) your every required criterion. Every Ratio watch is versatile and sturdy, with simple, clean dials, no complications or visually-deterring elements. Instead, they are designed to provide optimum visibility even under turbulent conditions. You acquire a Ratio Freediver rather than collect or buy! These watches see through all situations unless it’s almost close to a nuclear blast. They are predictable i.e. they won’t break.

Bottom line: High-priced, famous watches get it in their own ways, but you will not feel anywhere near to put their reliability and toughness under real tests willingly. A Rolex will survive even when your yacht sinks at mid-sea. Chances are bleak you’ll go to that extent on a regular day, knowingly. Here, the Online Ratio Watches chime in.

Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch

Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men's WatchAn affordable, Swiss-made chronograph, the Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch is a feasible alternative for the mechanical options that are costing a bomb! Tissot’s access to a broad spectrum of manufacturing resources helped them to lower the price barrier and created a piece that’s more of a hit than miss. Tissot’s reputation as a racing brand continues but without shedding its traditional looks.

The deep set dial steals the show. It is somewhere between white and a pale, cream shade, offering a subtle contrast to the grey hands. The outcome is a kind of clarity that makes reading time easy but doesn’t hurt the eyes. The dark green bezel with a tachymeter scale measuring speed up to 400 kilometers/miles per hour surrounding the dial and holding the sapphire crystal is another soothing addition to the whole ensemble.

The dial layout of the Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch is completely dashboard-inspired. The counters and the tachymeter bezel reminds of the motorsports in the mid 1900-s and brings more than a fair amount of adrenalin rush, which is essential for living off the edge with a zero tolerance for missing out on actions! The counters represent 30 chronograph minutes in increments of 1/10th of a second, while the central 60-seconds chronograph hand supports ADD and SPLIT functions. That’s all you need for speed sports.

The perforated leather strap makes the Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch wearable for without any break. The buckle is neatly rounded off along its edges and brought to an ultra-smooth, mirror polish that spreads the reflected light, thus avoiding the tinny shine even many a high-end watches fail to escape. It’s rich leather, hence parity is maintained. It needs a little breaking in; however, it’s supple enough not to cause any trouble with first time use and tough enough not to cause either with prolonged usage. This perforated strap is not exactly dressy unless cargos, cabin boots and bright, colorful shirts are what you consider to be dressy.

Inside the case is an ETA G10.212 – A workhorse Swiss quartz movement with chronograph functions. It’s very accurate, robust and comparatively cheaper than many of its peers. It consumes less battery; expect a three-year gap between battery changes provided you use the chronograph moderately, about three times every two days. The scratch resistant Sapphire crystal is absolutely invisible from certain angles and allows a view of the beige/silver dial as it is. Even for the luminous hands and markers.

Bottom line: The Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch is a decent-looking, everyday chronograph watch that doesn’t stare at you or at an onlooker, making it a safe choice to be worn either at work or at the club.

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Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch

Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men's WatchThe Italian habit of watch collecting leaves very few options for the manufacturers to loosen their perfectionist bent. The Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch is given form by some of the most highly specialized timepiece designers, skilled in the arts of manual, labor-intensive production.

The craftsmanship behind Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch is impeccable! For the moments of extreme sports! A dynamic speed! A performance above all!!! The Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch tells the time with acute precision and that’s perfectly alright for a high-end fashion watch. The Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch is a time-teller laced in a timeless appeal. Its design perspectives are strong and that’s why it should also be admired for.

The Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch is a piece that’s practical in its form and function. It is mod in its design; makes an excellent addition to a sensible horological array. The Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch is distinguished by its classic shape in quality materials and a high-end finish. This is something that will catch the eye of connoisseurs and casual wearers alike.

The Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch is elegance given an effective design, essential if you are to trying getting to the sporty sides of fashion. It redefines corporate and classical outfits in a new way. It’s simple in design and steeped in sleekness, bringing it among the upper tiers of affordable luxury.

There’s a high grade of stainless steel been used to make the case. The mineral glass atop is scratch resistant. The movement underneath is a Seagull caliber TY2809. It competes with the Tianjin caliber ST16, both under same owner. Its train layout is the same as in the Japanese Miyota 8215 with the winding mechanism resembling the Seiko-style Magic Lever configuration, which makes the rotor, wind the mainspring both ways. It features Incabloc anti-shock system as Seiko. Incabloc is a highly efficient system with praises from all over.

In short, it’s a modern, simple and efficient, full-sized caliber that also forms the basis of other complicated variants. However, it is always a smart thing to wind the Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch once every two weeks to keep both the wheels and lubes working. Once broken in, the Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch comes to roundabout + 10 seconds from +35 seconds per day. Further finer adjustments can make this particular movement go spot-on! Usually, it stays between + 3 and -7 seconds a day.

Bottom line: The Maserati Ingegno Automatic R8821119002 Men’s Watch reflects the refined design senses of the Maserati brand. The most unique point about it is there’s a great attention to details. It makes the Ingegno an accessory to state your style without bounds.

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Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV Men’s Watch

Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV Men's WatchThe Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV EFV550GY-8AV Men’s Watch’s rich grey finish on the dial’s clean and professional, with touches of blue on the hands and the markers. The dark grey bezel shining with the seconds’ markers makes it look sophisticated and daring for an adventure. The Edifice logo is also sporty looking. Those two sporty touches are not left to stand alone: the heavy-steel bracelet, twin-pushers, crown guards, and crown work together to complete the look. The sapphire crystal makes the face extremely durable, too, which further speaks to this Casio’s sporting intentions. The 100-meter water resistance makes you lucky for a casual swim wearing it on your wrist. It has weight – enough to make it obvious when being worn – and carries itself well thanks to sharp styling and tasteful design choices. Quality of build is evident everywhere you look at this Edifice.

The deploying clasp of Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV EFV550GY-8AV Men’s Watch is high-quality, feeling snug and secure when closed and stable and well-made when in use. The clasp never gave way without my direction to do so- exactly how it should be. The appeal is in using a few basic features and playing with the rest from time to time… while having a complex-looking timepiece that looks cool.

This is the hallmark of the Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV EFV550GY-8AV. It has the time, full calendar (date, and day of the week are displayed on the dial), daily alarm, 1/100 of a second chronograph, and world time function. In addition to that, the movement is light powered, synchronizes with each of the six atomic clock radio signals around the world and has a Casio “Tough Movement” which offers the ability for the hands to be re-positioned automatically if they are misaligned due to a shock to the case. That is a lot of technology and features. The dial has seven hands and a date indicator window. Once again, the hands are used to do different things in different modes – which are the key to understanding how this watch is able to do so much. On the default “screen,” the watch shows you the time, 24-hour time or second time zone, date, and day of the week.

All in all what is to be said in few words is that the Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV EFV550GY-8AV men’s watch, is made by some of the finest watch nerds of the world and it does make a watch look as a nerdy timepiece not easy to handle. What so ever, the watch welcomes a strong attention to the wrist and is an attention seeker companion.

Bottom line: A rich looking chronograph Casio Watches with an analog dial and the deadly look of grey and blue. A true adventurer feels when you wear it and flaunt it. The rich grey of the dial which, thanks to the grooved finish, catches the right amount of light- it’s a great looking effect that matches perfectly with the reflective hands and hour markers. The texture brings an added measure of depth to an already cavernous dial.

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Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies Watch

Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies WatchNot every feminine take on classic menswear styles becomes a success but the Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies Watch is definitely out of that league. It’s rose gold-tone finish, its chronograph dials and the pavé stones merge together and create an adorable piece for fashionable, active women with a preference for a speedy, active life.

As a part of the Ritz collection, the Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies Watch presents a stunning timepiece that’s both subtle and suitable to be worn at workplace as much as on a girls’ night out or at a formal gathering. Occasional or casual, it’s fit for both.

The Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies Watch comes from an established brand lineage and is a distinctive, very refined piece meant for the discerning women who would settle for nothing less than the best within a given price bracket. The Michael Kors Womens Watches portrays a lot of good vibe with a pleasant attitude that doesn’t hurt but captivates with its adorning power. A perfect fit to just any ensemble except for too ethnic ones, the Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies Watch is quite a bit larger and substantial than the standard ladies’ watches. It is ought to be, for the chronograph feature requires a larger surface area to accommodate itself, which is also to facilitate a clear viewing. The stopwatch feature is not just for show and the larger watch face with distinctive markings stand as a proof. Standing at 11mm, the case is 37mm across its diameter and that brings out the shine of the crystal set bezel all the better.

A common question asked is to what extent a watch might withstand water and moisture from seeping inside the case and under the crystal atop. With the Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies Watch, this remains the least of the concerns for unless you are taking it for deep submersions deliberately, water is not going to affect it the least. The Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies Watch is not meant for diving purposes; at the most, you can wear it in the shower or maybe for recreational swimming.

However, do remember that the Michael Kors Ritz Quartz Chronograph Crystal Accents MK6324 Ladies Watch is not meant for thin fragile wrists. It’s feminine; yet sturdy, large and has a substantial wrist presence, which makes it an excellent statement piece that doesn’t need to scream to receive attention. Its simple elegance is enough!

Bottom line: The Michael Kors Darci Pave Quartz Ladies Watch has some real, delicate charm to sweep you off of your feet!

Emporio Armani Classic Quartz AR2463 Men’s Watch

Emporio Armani Classic Quartz AR2463 Men’s WatchEmporio Armani Classic Quartz AR2463 Men’s Watch, this watch is mix of bold design, attention to details and an elegant gunmetal toned case. A merge of modernity with fashion for both men and women. The watch does not boast of too many features like other designer watches, nor does it boast of any innovative technicalities, which will make it standout in the crowd. A distressed leather band of 22mm width looks good and chic on the wrist. A 43 mm width diameter of the dial is white and simple with only the markers and no numbers makes the dial clear and legible enough. And the 6 o’ clock position shows the calendar with the date only. The 50-meter water resistance is apt for a light swim.

Emporio Armani Classic Quartz AR2463 Men’s Watch a plain and simple working watch, which handles no, fuss at all. It likes to be as plane as it looks. Many may agree that this watch is more of a statement watch that shows off the brand than the complexities. Emporio Armani thus is producing simple clean lines, which can be said as the minimalist style quartz watches. The case is made of pure steel with gunmetal toned. Rather it is a slim watch. Anyway, the case is clean with a decent mirror polish finish and I do not see any blemishes or anything of that sort. The case back is fitted with a Pop-On style caseback, which holds the Battery, and Quartz movement that powers this three handed quartz timepiece. The model has probably one of the simplest and cleanest dials you can have on a watch. We have two hands, one hour hand and one minute hand. There are also applied indices going around this circular white dial.

The Emporio Armani Classic Quartz AR2463 Men’s Watch is sporting a very simple, reliable, and practical Japanese Quartz 3 handed movement. These movements typically last around 2 years with their battery life, and gain around 5 seconds a month. I believe one of the strongest points of these watches are their genuine leather straps. They certainly do the wrist justice and are quite supple and do not require much of a break-in period I have found. I have experienced the straps similar brands. They are also equipped with a stainless steel polished buckle and signed with the Emporio Armani Wrist Watch logo.

Overall, this is rather lower than some of the other equivalent brands in this market. I think the price is fair and if you are a fashion/trendy man or simply want a watch that looks good, will work without hesitation, and does not break the bank, the Emporio Armani Sportivo Chronograph Tachymeter Quartz Men’s Watch could be an option to consider for yourself.

Bottom line: A good value for money for those who want to be in the old school classic age, with no added technologies and with an old world charm. A smart simple formal looking timepiece that does not involve the intelligent brains and let it worry for something more.

Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men’s Watch

Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men's WatchThe Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men’s Watch has everything to match every need for modern regalia and sportiness. Everything about it is large – from the band to the face and everything else. It is also one of the brand’s most stylish and attractive releases. Topped with a scratch resistant Flame-Fusion crystal that has been created by fusing aluminum oxide particles sprinkled through an oxy-hydrogen flame, beneath it’s a Hattori VD51 Japanese quartz movement with a 60 minutes chronograph mechanism that runs the show.

The Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men’s Watch stands out from the rest being very unique and stylish due to its twisted wire accent on the bezel. The royal blue dial features a chronograph layout that’s different from the rest; in the sense, there are two-sub dials instead of three, which helps to keep the dial layout clean yet full; else, the big, brightly-lumed hour markers and broad, skeleton-sword hands would make the face appear too congested. The design keeps everything big, bold and bright but doesn’t compromise on visibility.

The yellow gold tone of the case and the bracelet of the Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men’s Watch offer a pleasant yet sharp contrast to the blue dial, which is a distinct choice for the fashion-forward men who also like to delve into adventurous sprees from time to time. It is safe to wear the Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men’s Watch with your expensive suits of whatever color it may be; the Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men’s Watch is one of Invicta Bolt’s most stylish model ever created. With its 100 meters of water resistance feature, you can take the Invicta Watches Men for any recreational water sports, including scuba-diving to moderate depths.

The Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men’s Watch is a wise choice for anyone with medium to thick wrists. With the sharpness it exhibits through its attitude and abilities, this particular Invicta Bolt chronograph watch is for masterminds to whom dominance is a way of life. The Invicta Bolt Chronograph Quartz 25549 Men’s Watch has a movement that synchronizes perfectly to any speed-related activity; a casing that’s complex in its engineering and a signature rope-pattern along its bezel, not to be found in any other watch. It’s a jewelry design that’s sure to bring a lasting impression and suit any taste.

Bottom line: It’s tough to get an even mix of classic and sport but the Invicta Pro Diver Swiss Chronograph Men’s Watch does it easy! It is one of the most exotic pieces in the ‘chunky’ category of wrist-wears and at the same time, poses smart and stylish for your attires, imparting in them a completely different attitude.

Hugo Boss The Professional Horloge Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch

Hugo Boss The Professional Horloge Chronograph Quartz 1513527 Men's WatchSleek sub-dials, a tachymeter along the chapter ring surrounding the dial and a stiff, upper lipped demeanor, the Hugo Boss ‘The Professional’ Horloge Chronograph Quartz 1513527 Men’s Watch keeps track of everything vital to a high strung race, namely time, speed and distance. Its stainless steel composition ensures both of sturdiness and easy cleaning, the latter ensuring a polished, sleek appearance for any urban environment you take it too.

Many might feel that a horological offering from a fashion brand would fall short while competing with the real honchos out there, but Hugo Boss plays it safe Instead of putting up a competition, it decided to join hands with an established manufacturer – in this case, Movado – to bring out the best in both fashion and watch making expertise. They played it safe, taking ip the aesthetics in their own hands while keeping the insides reserved for someone experienced in the technological aspects; together, the endeavor resulted in something notable that’s well worth the money.

The Hugo Boss ‘The Professional’ Horloge Chronograph Quartz 1513527 Men’s Watch is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement that guarantees high precision and reliability with a low power consumption. It ensures perfection; with special attention given to every minute detail. An analogue watch with a 3ATM water resistance, BOSS states that it is a dress watch and should be used with formals and light casuals. A watch with such classiness can only come from a designer brand, but HUGO BOSS proves otherwise through the sophistication, style and class it brings in. A case diameter of 44mm and thickness of 10mm, it is a watch for the men who know how to balance seriousness with a streak of fun at times when life tends to get tough. The other usual chronograph features are present; namely, the tachymeter, which transforms the watch into a nifty measuring tool. A tachymeter can measure the distance you have travelled, the speed of a vehicle and also the estimated time of arrival.

However such technicalities may not be taken as an intimidating factor; rather, you can flaunt it as a sheer fashion accessory with some intelligent functions that can be put to use when required. Wear it to work or just show it off during the weekends, anyway you are going to make a statement among your peer groups and if you admire a bit of task with pleasure. With the Hugo Boss Watches Online on your wrist, you are someone who can be trusted to deliver beyond expectations!

Bottom line: Among the few low-budget Swiss watches, the Hugo Boss Pilot Vintage Edition Quartz Men’s Watch is a piece that unites a sporting edge with luxury but nevertheless, never falls short upon establishing itself as the modern man’s technical watch.

Stuhrling Original Denmark Delphi Automatic Skeleton Grey Dial 730.02 Mens Watch

Stuhrling Original Denmark Delphi Automatic Skeleton Grey Dial 730.02 Mens WatchIf nothing else, the Stuhrling Original Denmark Delphi Automatic Skeleton Grey Dial 730.02 Mens Watch is going to earn your trust for successfully clearing all the 30 checkpoints it has been put through to emerge as a winner! And it behaves just the way it is expected! Maybe quite a little bit more.

Starting from the manufacturing and ending in the assembly process, the movement of the Stuhrling Original Denmark Delphi Automatic Skeleton Grey Dial 730.02 Mens Watch alone has met more than 7 criteria, which includes a mean variation rate which matches the highest standards in its class in the entire Swiss watch industry. The brand’s commitment towards the preservation of high manufacturing standards is manifested through the protocols it follows; conveying that an inimitable story bears zero conflicts with an extraordinary style.

A part of Stuhrling Original’s Classic Delphi Collection, the Stuhrling Original Denmark Delphi Automatic Skeleton Grey Dial 730.02 Mens Watch sports a beautiful, transparent dial featuring a cut-away design that reveals an elegant brushed finish the ST-90050 automatic movement inside is famous for. Each of its component is an example in finery but miles apart from the delicateness such elements remain predisposed to. That applies from the oscillating balance wheel to the mainspring; you can feel it as you see through the patented Krysterna crystal of Stuhrling Original Denmark Delphi Automatic Skeleton Grey Dial 730.02 Mens Watch. Another added advantage is its non-requirement of any external power source, which ensures when you need to feed it without risking an abrupt stopping of functions during the most crucial of times. Relying completely upon the mechanical parts including the springs and the gears, the Stuhrling Original Denmark Delphi Automatic Skeleton Grey Dial 730.02 Mens Watch is also powered by the movement of the hands. You only need to wind it manually when you are putting it on your wrist for the first time or when you have left it on the table for more than a day and a half. A clockwise, full turn of the crown for about 20-30 times is sufficient to keep it running for an entire day. If you wear the Stuhrling Original Watches on a daily basis, this is not at all required. Instead, you get to see a movement working flawlessly through the threaded, exhibition case back while the furnace blue stainless steel screws add to the visual pleasures delivered.

Bottom line: The Stuhrling Original Emperor’s Automatic Mens Watch appeals to the most discriminating of tastes with its dedication to the heritage of Swiss watch making and that too, at a reasonable price. A fruit of meticulous labor put to rigorous testing protocols, the vision of the Delphi is a result of the brand’s intelligent effort towards a flawless craftsmanship.

Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz AN8082-54E Men’s Watch

Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz AN8082-54E Men's WatchIt feels good to embrace the technicalities that come with the Eco-Drive but at the same time, it’s also true that Eco-Drive brings the added complexities that cannot be rectified by anyone other than Citizen’s own team if anything goes awry. Alongside, they also shoot the price up by several times which, sometimes exceeds the budget of someone willing to sport a Citizen watch on his wrist. Enter the Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz AN8082-54E Men’s Watch with all the goodness of an Eco-Drive chronograph but uses a battery as the power source instead of light.

The Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz AN8082-54E Men’s Watch exhibits an effortless style that makes it a perfect everyday timepiece but added with a stopwatch and an AM/PM denoting mechanism. It will never require your attention apart from the time it will need a battery change, which you’ll know from the jumping seconds-hand covering two seconds at a time instead of one.

The Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz AN8082-54E Men’s Watch is a piece that makes you breath relief after years of wearing high-end luxury watches that Eco Drive create and lets you feel damn proud of wearing the exact quality at a lower price. An extremely well-done modern interpretation of a classic-styled chronograph, the Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz AN8082-54E Men’s Watch is a very smart-looking timepiece that can gel in seamlessly to a wide variety of settings.

The Citizen Urban Chronograph Quartz AN8082-54E Men’s Watch manages to exceed personal expectations regarding delivering both character and style. It adheres to a particular trendy style but is also not to be considered gaudy for formal or daily-wear purposes. The black and gold combination is always a hit and the trendy demeanor makes itself visible in a very subtle way, making it quite a bit snob-worthy. There’s nothing poor about its material and construction quality; it feels solid both on and off the wrist and appears cool without trying for it. Same goes for Citizen’s own in-house manufactured quartz movement inside; it is a reliable and accurate piece built tough to handle more than the impacts and vibrations it might face within an urban setting. Thus, to sum it up all:

The Citizen Mens Watches balances messaging with substantiality, making it worthy of attention from those who appreciate watches in its real sense.

Bottom line: The Citizen Chronograph Sports Quartz Men’s Watch is the brand’s offering to everyone who wants the Japanese brand’s legendary qualities at a lower price but without sacrificing the aspects that Citizen is famous for. It is nothing less than the brand’s Eco Drive offerings apart from that it is powered by a regular battery instead of the energy obtained from light.