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Hugo Boss The Professional Horloge Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch

Hugo Boss The Professional Horloge Chronograph Quartz 1513527 Men's WatchSleek sub-dials, a tachymeter along the chapter ring surrounding the dial and a stiff, upper lipped demeanor, the Hugo Boss ‘The Professional’ Horloge Chronograph Quartz 1513527 Men’s Watch keeps track of everything vital to a high strung race, namely time, speed and distance. Its stainless steel composition ensures both of sturdiness and easy cleaning, the latter ensuring a polished, sleek appearance for any urban environment you take it too.

Many might feel that a horological offering from a fashion brand would fall short while competing with the real honchos out there, but Hugo Boss plays it safe Instead of putting up a competition, it decided to join hands with an established manufacturer – in this case, Movado – to bring out the best in both fashion and watch making expertise. They played it safe, taking ip the aesthetics in their own hands while keeping the insides reserved for someone experienced in the technological aspects; together, the endeavor resulted in something notable that’s well worth the money.

The Hugo Boss ‘The Professional’ Horloge Chronograph Quartz 1513527 Men’s Watch is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement that guarantees high precision and reliability with a low power consumption. It ensures perfection; with special attention given to every minute detail. An analogue watch with a 3ATM water resistance, BOSS states that it is a dress watch and should be used with formals and light casuals. A watch with such classiness can only come from a designer brand, but HUGO BOSS proves otherwise through the sophistication, style and class it brings in. A case diameter of 44mm and thickness of 10mm, it is a watch for the men who know how to balance seriousness with a streak of fun at times when life tends to get tough. The other usual chronograph features are present; namely, the tachymeter, which transforms the watch into a nifty measuring tool. A tachymeter can measure the distance you have travelled, the speed of a vehicle and also the estimated time of arrival.

However such technicalities may not be taken as an intimidating factor; rather, you can flaunt it as a sheer fashion accessory with some intelligent functions that can be put to use when required. Wear it to work or just show it off during the weekends, anyway you are going to make a statement among your peer groups and if you admire a bit of task with pleasure. With the Hugo Boss Watches Online on your wrist, you are someone who can be trusted to deliver beyond expectations!

Bottom line: Among the few low-budget Swiss watches, the Hugo Boss Pilot Vintage Edition Quartz Men’s Watch is a piece that unites a sporting edge with luxury but nevertheless, never falls short upon establishing itself as the modern man’s technical watch.