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Nixon Corporal Quartz A346-510-00 Men’s Watch

Nixon Corporal Quartz A346-510-00 Men’s WatchThe coming:

Nixon’s origins in the 1998 California introduced some real good sports watches for less that doesn’t skimp in terms of design, material and build quality. They are handy watches with fashion-forward aesthetics that doesn’t make you confine them to be used in specific events and circles. The Nixon Corporal Quartz A346-510-00 Men’s Watch is one that’s among the foremost in this layout.

Team designed for a custom built! Nixon emphasizes upon its commitment to collaborate with functionality at every step, made possible through a joint venture between designers and athletes, some sponsored by Nixon themselves. The collaboration ensures logical and lovable intersections of sport and style; the Nixon Corporal Quartz A346-510-00 Men’s Watch is posited at one of these intersections.

What makes it?

• Solid, 2-piece stainless steel case makes it rugged and functional.
• Solid stainless steel, fixed bezel protecting the recessed mineral crystal top.
• Triple-gasket crown with enamel fill.
• Stainless steel, screw-down case-back.
• Spring pin lugs.
• The Miyota Japanese quartz 3 hand movement. Accurate, reliable and hardy.
• Custom molded hands with luminous fill making nighttime viewing easier.
• 24 mm custom solid stainless steel bracelet; faceted 3-link weave and double-locking clasp with micro adjust.

Places it is best suited for:

• Adventures, whether occurring far and wide or just down the street.
• Any high-stress work and play environments.

The visual highlights

• Military-inspired, bold indices/numbers and seconds track printed on the dial.
• Custom-molded, lume-filled hands.
• The bright, subtle golden gleam from the gold-toned case.

“YAY!” or “NAY”?

The Nixon Corporal Quartz A346-510-00 Men’s Watch is an impressive watch for those with a dislike for weak faces. It’s not also covered with glass that easily scratches. Neither the case finish. Both are stronger and more scratch-resistant than any other watch within the price category. The raised rim surrounding the crystal is an added protection against sudden knocks and bumps. Or, call it a recessed crystal.

The Nixon Corporal Quartz A346-510-00 Men’s Watch has a very, very pretty crown. The Nixon logo stays under an enamel layer which prevents it from getting scratched. Very solidly built, heavy but looks good in an understated yet elegant way.

Those who find the Nixon Watches unusually large for their wrist will be surprised with its no overhang approach. This, however, is not true for those with less than a 6-inch wrist, unless you deliberately want it to overhang.

Bottom line: The Nixon 51 – 30 Chrono Quartz Men’s Watch blends strategically a robust build with an immensely disciplined design. The display of the superior style turns out to be forceful in its expert craftsmanship shaping the in-s and around-s of its trendy exterior.

Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch

Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men's WatchThe Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch lives up to its I-Force designation without compromising style for a superior functionality. Rugged, forceful and with an undeniable presence, it is the perfect watch to go with expensive suits and cool casuals alike.

The Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch is a top choice from the I-Force chronograph collection. Hovering the boundaries between large and oversized, it is a great choice for them with a penchant for larger watches that don’t look awkward irrespective of wrist size.

The Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch is a revolutionary concept, in a way. It popularised the built-on-purpose left-sided placement of crowns and pushers; in other words, ended class antagonisms. The left-side placement is also great for both the skin and the wet suit, in the sense – the protrusions on the watch case don’t bite in, even when your entire palm is bent upwards – say when you are trying to push a great load.

The Invicta Force Chronograph Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch and its neat retro style allures with an off-beat, extraordinary style that’s ever prepared to handle adverse situations – be it urban by nature or of the outdoors! The expertise and execution in design details as well as case construction is intrinsic to Invicta’s inventive reputation and style.

The Invicta Speedway Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch is fully equipped to suit a diverse range of tastes. Creative articulations come plentiful from different viewpoints and take this meticulous piece of art to new levels to be recognized as the masters of case complications. Exceptional engineering shapes the case utilizing high quality stainless steel; the kind found in most of the high-priced brands. Crafted with rigorous precision and tested to ensure optimum standards, Invicta is one of the most technically capable watch makers in the world. Inside the case, there is a reliable and accurate Japanese quartz movement that has been designed to keep functioning immaculately for decades. The chronograph can measure splits up to 1/10th of a second and measures time for 60 minutes.

The fixed, slim bezel and the prominently textured left side crown stand as its chief aesthetic attractions. On the left side itself are two pushers to operate the chronograph. The dashing black dial in the middle is protected from top with a hardened mineral crystal. The dial layout exhibits a stencilled look with the sub-dial borders set bright against the dark background. There’s no way you can miss a mark! The tachymeter scale is laid out along the chapter ring between the dial and the mineral crystal peripheries.

The Invicta Russian Diver Tachymeter 14956 Men’s Watch nurtures a consistent quality and personality all throughout. This well-crafted timepiece holds true to the brand’s prime objective and its brazen journey continues.

Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated 200M A037-897-00 Men’s Watch

Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated 200M A037-897-00 Men's WatchTo give it out straight, this Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated men’s watch relieves you from the tough task of deciding which one should you go for if you are new to the domain of watch complications. Nixon has been a prominent name with a decade-long reputation for superior functionality in the action-sports arena and now, they are stretching to the fashion-zone. The 51-30 (its nickname) signifies the diameter of the watch face (in millimetres) and the 30 is its underwater range (300 meters). Its roots and inspirations come from snowboarding and skateboarding and today, they have come a long way blending the powers of the two!

The Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated 200M A037-897-00 Men’s Watch is all about raw steel, hidden well under a cover of smooth rose-gold plating. It brings together brain and brawn and combines the two into an arrangement that equips you for any fun-filled mission within the city or off it.

The Nixon 51-30 chronograph’s crown position is against the norm but that adds to its uniqueness. It is on the left side of the watch along with the pushers; the ensemble adds to comfort and helps avoiding wrist bites. Plus, it plays up the little details the way its user will like it, strengthening further Nixon’s ‘custom-built’ point of view.

The Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose Gold-Plated 200M A037-897-00 Men’s Watch is the BIG one among the big watches. The 51-30 is quite a show with its 51mm diameter, so unless you have slightly-large to really thick wrists, its sheer size is going to terrify you and it should. Its largeness is ostentatious and demands attention because of a perfectly thought out design. It’s raw, manly steel that ready to go deep and withstand serious punishment in all your adventures, including the aquatic ones.

For those who would like to get a concise list of features:

• A 300-meter waterproof rating; ensures precision and performance under pressure.

• Measures one-tenth of a second; the chronograph is an advanced one.

• Unidirectional steel bezel that works as a countdown timer. Baking or short trips under water, you can use it for both.

• Brushed stainless steel as case and band material and a double-locking clasp ensures maximum durability.

Despite all that, the Nixon Chronograph is very much of a daily wear, especially for them into the showbiz. Once you get used to its size and heft – which typically takes a few days – you won’t want to take it off. It feels that good. A real stunner in the big watch market, this is also for the times when you are heading a wedding or a big banquet.