Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 Men’s Watch: Classicism Meets Modernity

Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 Men’s WatchWhy a Seiko quartz chronograph, after all?

Almost four decades back, Seiko introduced the first analog quartz chronograph and over all these years, they have earned more expertise than anyone in creating high performance chronographs packed with good looks. to elegant design. The Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 SPC190P1 SPC190P Men’s Watch combines the real values of modern watch making and backs it up with a rare elegance brought by a refined design and a high strength to endure.

A newly interpreted classic theme

Among the leading and inexpensive dress/sports quartz watches, the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 SPC190P1 SPC190P Men’s Watch has been a consistently leading piece earning significant success from users all over the world. It blends classical ideas with modern design and technological features, of the modern with the classical, both in terms of design and technology. The exterior design of the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 SPC190P1 SPC190P Men’s Watch showcases inspirations from classical architectures but additional touches from the Art Deco periods impart the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 SPC190P1 SPC190P Men’s Watch a parity in duality.

The Big Calendar

What was once to be found only in the Premier range has now been made available in the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 SPC190P1 SPC190P Men’s Watch. The dual-window date display at the 12 o’clock position. Watch enthusiasts who personally love the big/grande date (panoramadatum) complication finds it a confident and prominent design feature.

The movement and battery life

The Caliber 7T04 1/5th second increment, 60-minutes chronograph movement runs on a miniature battery which, with moderate chronograph usage (60 minutes every day) should last approximately for 5 years. At the verge of running dry, the small seconds-hand will start moving at two-second intervals and it is the best time to replace the battery. However, this doesn’t affect the accuracy of the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 SPC190P1 SPC190P Men’s Watch.

Final thought:

Despite the large array of pretty, glamorous watches from Seiko Watches, the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SPC190 SPC190P1 SPC190P Men’s Watch is committed to become an outstanding success for less. Over time, it will win your heart enormously with its performance for which, its Hardlex crystal and 100 meters of water resistance are equally responsible. Beyond any doubts, it is a watch that drips quality and easily qualifies as a most beneficial choice to keep, both for daily office use and to places that demand you to be formal but not up to insane degrees.

Bottom line: With its combination of advanced yet simple technology, a classically-inspired design and a luxurious build quality in high-grade, gold tone stainless steel, the Seiko Chronograph Alarm Quartz Men’s Watch is a worthy piece for men who love to wear dress with a bit of élan.


Seiko 5 Military Automatic Sports SNZG09 SNZG09K1 SNZG09K Men’s Watch

Seiko 5 Military Automatic Sports SNZG09 SNZG09K1 SNZG09K Men's WatchSeiko’s stellar reputation comes from their ability to manage varied combinations of excellent styles with robust durability; between accurate timekeeping and innovative features. Price however; never crossed the reasonable mark and it applies especially to a few. The Seiko 5 Military Automatic Sports SNZG09 SNZG09K1 SNZG09K Men’s Watch is one.

Dark and moss green, the Seiko 5 Military Automatic Sports SNZG09 SNZG09K1 SNZG09K Men’s Watch contrasts well its dial and the nylon band. The case is better at any point than any other entry-level automatic. Military field inspirations go into the Seiko 5 Military Automatic Sports SNZG09 SNZG09K1 SNZG09K Men’s Watch from the WWII era, marking it tough. But simple enough to be worn on a regular 9 to 5 job! Even for high profile, casual meetings.

The best thing about the Seiko 5 Military Automatic Sports SNZG09 SNZG09K1 SNZG09K Men’s Watch is it isn’t big enough to engulf your entire wrist; neither does it appear like a tiny spot on the wrist. It is an excellent alternative to bigger, heavier (and costlier) watches with almost an equal amount of ruggedness. Under 42mm, it is neither the bigger variety; above 39mm, nor the smaller ones. The wait for that particular, precise size is finally over! This, of course, doesn’t include the crown, which stands out another 3mm. Its dimensions are closer to the old-style men’s watches, but noticeably outrageous in its simple, thoughtful style.

The case has a brushed finish, often appearing gray; topped with Seiko’s own ‘Hardlex’ mineral crystal. It’s extremely scratch resistant and resistive towards sharp and blunt blows. It also seals water out till a hundred meters.

The 24-hrs markings along with the other details on the dial make you feel it bit busy at the start; this rather nice arrangement is something you get used to with time. Still, everything is clearly readable! The prominent markings on the raised outer ring denotes the minutes while the innermost ring provides an option for military time. The day and date info are at 3.

The substantial and pointy hands are just nice; the dark green dial offsets them with the markers nicely. The lume is as excellent as Seiko Automatic Watch should be, with a glow lasting for hours together.

The 7S36 movement inside is accurate and reliable. This mechanical, automatic caliber runs anything between -20 and +40 seconds; depends upon how well you break it. It is not among the Japanese crème, but definitely for entry-levels. At 21600 BPH beat rate and with 23 jewels, it is not as distinctly ticking as some quartz watches and annoy you at a quiet night. Its 40-hour power reserve ensures that the Seiko Automatic Sports Men’s Watch never stops off-wrist.


Seiko Solar Chronograph Alarm Black Dial SSC095P1 Mens Watch

Seiko Solar Chronograph Alarm Black Dial SSC095P1 Mens WatchA straight and simple overview:

The Seiko Solar Chronograph Alarm Black Dial SSC095P1 SSC095 SSC095P Mens Watch is a black ion-plated solar powered quartz chronograph that can track up to 60 minutes. Its main dial hosts a 6’0 clock sub-dial that tracks either the alarm time or a different time-zone. The 9’O clock sub-dial denotes regular seconds and at 12 is the 60-minutes chrono-counter.

The chronograph seconds are marked by the central hand, tipped with red from halfway. It has a date and an alarm function, a Hardlex crystal (Seiko’s proprietary product) and entirely made from surgical steel laid with a fairly abrasion-resistant black ion finish. There’s lume on the hands and the markers.


The black ion plating is the next best thing to PVD but looks and holds up equally great. It’s polished to a high shine and the 43mm size is suitable for a wide variety of wrists. The lugs extend to another 4mm for each side, rounding at 51mm. Atop is the Hardlex crystal; it holds against scratches damn well and offers a crystal clear view. It’s also impact-resistant and shatter-proof up to a great deal.

Into the mechanics:

The V172 movement of the Seiko Solar Chronograph Alarm Black Dial SSC095P1 SSC095 SSC095P Mens Watch is bit different from the standard chronograph mechanism; it measures in 1/5th second increments rather than by 1. Greater precision and a smooth sweep back to zero position when reset. Fully charged, it can run for 180 days (moderately high usage of chrono function included) without further exposure to light. Worry not; the regular seconds hand will jump 2 seconds at a time to alert you of a low charge.

Subtle, likeable features:

• Solid-end links of the bracelet bringing the quality feel.
• A double-layer, heavy clasp.
• Solid crown and pushers.
• A high, glossy finish.
• Applied markers and logos.
• Flawlessly deep, black dial.
• Neat, concentric rings around sub-dials.
• Brightness of the lume.
• A clear-cut date window.

Drawing the line:

The Seiko Solar Titanium Mens Watch is a solid piece with a fantastic build quality and a movement that will last for years. If quartz chronographs annoyed with their battery changing schedules and jumpy seconds-counting, the Seiko Solar Chronograph Alarm Black Dial SSC095P1 SSC095 SSC095P Mens Watch brings you the chance to own one without those troubles.

Bottom Line: Even those who don’t know much about watches will not think the Seiko Solar Chronograph Tachymeter Mens Watch to be a bad piece either! After all, you can use it as much as you want for which, you have to give it some light every other day.


Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Chronograph Automatic H64666555 Men’s Watch

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Chronograph Automatic H64666555 Men’s WatchThe Khaki tale:

Hamilton’s Khaki collection immediately recognizes the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Chronograph Automatic H64666555 Men’s Watch a.k.a. the Pilot Pioneer Auto Chronograph a distinctive member of the family with an overall retro-military themed design.

From a broader point of view, the whole of the Khaki collection is that. It’s just a variation in the shape of the cases, hardware and details that make one piece rival the other.

The power source:

The most important one but here, not to worry! Hamilton nicely fits the ETA Valjoux 7750 in. It’s a mid-sized tactical timekeeping machine that gives the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Chronograph Automatic H64666555 Men’s Watch the spirit of the authentic aviation 3-hander-s. The feel stays intact through the partially open-worked hour and minute hands and a basic date function at 6. The only new elements in this mix are the three sub-dials in the classic chronograph layout. It’s a more rudimentary form of a wearable stopwatch with a utilitarian purpose behind.

ETA Valjoux 7750 – did we say it? It’s actually bit more than that; more than a simply retrofitted, branded oscillating weight. The longer and stronger spring barrel is a newer addition to the line that allows for a significant increase in power storage of a minimum of 60 hours. All this made Hamilton to rename it as Caliber H31. You can see that all through the transparent case back.

Shock protection:

The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Men’s Watch uses Incabloc (trade name) shock protection system for the Caliber H-31. This spring-loaded mounting system protects the jewel bearings supporting the balance wheel and also its delicate pivots from damage resulting from physical shocks. This system is entirely Swiss in its origin, invented back in 1934. How hard it might hit the floor, Incabloc’s lyre-shaped spring allows the delicate bearings shift under impact, sparing the balance staffs and pivots from breakage.

Other stuff:

• The 42 mm across and 16mm thick case is surgical grade stainless steel, fitted with a sapphire crystal at the top. The dial is halfway between white and silver; shine and dull. It’s a diffused gleam, actually.

• The chronograph is in the classic three sub-dials layout displaying 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours of time tracking.

• Screw Down Crown. Take it deep into the water and stay worry-free, even for longer spans. That makes a part of the 200m water resistance.

Bottom line: There are not too many ‘Pilot’ watches that make you feel akin to the lot who witnessed early American aviation and associated classic designs. The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Automatic Men’s Watch – with its large, easy-to-read dial, chronograph function and Superluminova lume-coated hands – gives you those essentials in form and function that any pilot, co-pilot and no-pilot would love to flaunt!


Citizen Eco-Drive Day And Date Sub-Dials AO9003-16A Men’s Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Day And Date Sub-Dials AO9003-16A Men’s WatchThe Citizen Eco-Drive Day And Date Sub-Dials AO9003-16A Men’s Watch combines beauty with technology in one of its most perfect forms. Credits also go to the high quality materials it’s made from, which also ensures its use for a lifetime. In short, it’s a perfect accessory for any kind of formal occasions and for corporate atmospheres. A blazing example of what’s possible when modern functionality meets handsome good looks, the Citizen Eco-Drive Day And Date Sub-Dials AO9003-16A Men’s Watch is based on a simple, revolutionary concept. It is a watch that will never need a battery replacement; the light-power driven mechanism of Eco-Drive technology is constantly at work unless in complete darkness. While sunlight is the best to charge it, even a flickering candle is sufficient enough to keep it running.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Day And Date Sub-Dials AO9003-16A Men’s Watch does nothing more than a standard dress watch, but it does so bit differently. Instead of a simple day/date function, it shows the same within two sub-dials, which have better details than most; are finer to look at and exhibits a more intricate surfacing. To many, it will prove to be the first real designer watch; to the experienced, it will be a modern wonder that’s nothing short of aristocratic glamour.

The combination of leather strap and a rose-gold case is something that’s not too common in this price category; for the Citizen Eco-Drive Day And Date Sub-Dials AO9003-16A Men’s Watch, it’s absolutely stunning! The white dial with sharp, black markings and gold-plated hands provides a beautiful contrast and therefore, an excellent visibility, the hands reflecting back even the tiniest of speck of light falling on them, thus removing the necessity of lume. Overall, the whole ensemble looks crisp and sleek.

On the other hand, the rose-gold tone is less rosy than what we usually understand by the term; in fact, it stands at a point where yellow gold starts to get the red touch. This makes for a beautiful shade of gold that really adds the element of class that most other watches within the price segment misses out. The black, rich leather strap also adds generously towards making the Citizen Watches one of a kind.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Day And Date Sub-Dials AO9003-16A Men’s Watch is perfect for those who want a fabulous dress watch without the hassle of winding or wearing it on a regular basis. That way, it is a perfect one to be kept aside, only to be worn on special occasions.

Bottom line: The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Men’s Watch is a very classy and refined modern day watch with a slightly convex crystal adding an elegant touch and marking it leagues apart from other dress watches within the price range.


Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver Watch BJ2120-07E

Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver Watch BJ2120-07EThe Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver Watch BJ2120-07E runs on the Citizen’s Eco-Drive power-generation system. That kind of says all about its reliability and accuracy; the conversion of light to electrical energy and its storage and disbursal is a continuous process that runs without user input, apart from exposing it to light from time to time. The Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver Watch BJ2120-07E has a solar panel fitted under the translucent dial, which does the trick. The Eco-Drive technology is a green one, for you don’t need to replace batteries. That’s less pollution for the environment.

There’s another advantage to the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver Watch BJ2120-07E. There been no requirement to replace batteries, there is no need to open the caseback. The factory seal remains intact for as long as you want, which is safety and protection guaranteed for the entire watch from dust, water and humidity.

The Super Aqualand is the name by which the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver Watch BJ2120-07E is mostly known as; it is one of the most advanced and stylish Aqualand that Citizen ever developed. High on both precision and reliability amidst the most unforgiving conditions, the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver Watch BJ2120-07E watch came out two decades later than first Aqualand in 1985 but with concepts rooted in the same philosophy, revolutionizing the entire divers’ watch concept.

The Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand Diver Watch BJ2120-07E is a much renovated version of the earlier Aqualand and is also one of the most advanced and stylish Aqualand-s ever built.

Features & functions:

• Depth sensor: Designed to work efficiently under high pressure, the watch detects even the most negligible changes in depths up to 50 meters. It also shows the maximum depth reached.
• DLC: The Diamond like Carbon coating is present on the bezel, on the crown and the depth sensor. It provides a smooth finish and brings an elegant tint to the Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Watch. Offers an excellent abrasion resistance.
• Chronograph: Times your diving and speed.
• One-way rotating bezel: Works as a countdown timer.
• Water resistance: A screw-in back cover and a screw-down crown ensure not even a speck of moisture gets in.
• Insufficient charge warning: Tells you the time of feeding.
• Depth-alert function: So that you don’t get carried away.

Bottom line: Not just for diving, the Citizen Promaster Satellite Watch is ready for the land and the air as well. Whether you are heading the beach or the rough terrains or the sky above, this impressive piece of technology keeps you equipped for all adverse situations that are common for adventures. Even the urban ones!


Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Men’s Watch

Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Men’s WatchWhat it is:

The Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Men’s Watch – also known as the Omega Seamaster Regatta is both for professional and daily use. The countdown indicator is created specifically for high-speed water sports.

The Layout:

A matte, more graphite-gray than black dial features yellow and silver accented hands and markers, with an entirely yellow chapter ring running around its edges. The five-minute regatta countdown tracker is integrated to the 30-minute chrono-register (3’o clock); the date window is at 6, which confuses a little about the 12-hour chrono-register if you don’t know it already.

The matte black unidirectional rotating bezel of the Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Men’s Watch is ceramic, not steel. It acts as a timer for longer spans. The helium-escape valve is on the case at 10’o clock while the regular seconds indicator is at 9.

The caliber 3330 is built upon ETA architecture with Silicon being a part of the Co-Axial escapement as well. It is chronometer-certified and first appeared in the 2012 Speedmaster Racing. The Omega Co-Axial calibre 3330 movement uses column-wheel chronograph mechanism, its free sprung-balance fitted with a Si14 silicon spring. The power reserve is of 52 hours (approx) on a fully winded mainspring. Precise and solid, the Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Men’s Watch exemplifies how precise timekeeping should be for Regattas.

The Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Men’s Watch was built to celebrate the continued relationship between Omega and the ETNZ, the Emirates Team New Zealand. The event was the 2013 edition of the American’s Cup boat-race. Omega’s long term contribution to the building of millions-of-dollar worth racing yachts and catamarans shows through each of the 2,013 watches. ETNZ, in return, genuinely appreciates Omega’s support and long-term dedication to the sport.

At 44mm across, the Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Diver’s Men’s Watch has a fantastic size and improvements upon the Seamaster design but without ruining its classic appeal. The boating chronograph or alternatively, regatta timer – this Omega designed watch counts the minutes before a race starts. The color scheme matches that of the ETNZ team boats.

The case back bears an engraving of the ETNZ team logo. It also mentions about the 34th anniversary of sponsoring the American’s Cup. It is one of Omega’s marine-themed timepieces, but this time, Omega built a true sailing watch. Still better – it’s an entry-level Omega that offers value and shares a lot of features from the Seamaster Planet Ocean chronograph.

The metal bracelet of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Men’s Watch looks incredibly cool. It has the feel of the sport and the feel comes without having to try at all! It’s easily wearable as a daily timepiece.

What we appreciate so much about the Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph ETNZ is that it reminds us of a time not so long ago when an Omega wasn’t an almost $10,000 investment. Sure, the brand has upgraded many of its products and features, but they have also priced themselves out of reach of many people who miss being able to afford new Omegas on a somewhat regular basis. While the ETNZ version will be limited to 2,013 in black and red, a non-limited version of the Omega Seamaster Professional Watches will come out soon in black and yellow.


Invicta Aviator Chronograph Gunmetal 17204 Men’s Watch

Invicta Aviator Chronograph Gunmetal 17204 Men's WatchAviators are an awesome approach to time and its calculations; they are lightweight and sturdy; innovative, efficient; a reliable co-pilot at hand who never fails to track down the most accurate of the counts. The Invicta Aviator Chronograph Gunmetal 17204 Men’s Watch is for the crowd ready to roll full throttle all the time. Its design honors aeronauts as a sport; the Invicta Aviator Chronograph Gunmetal 17204 Men’s Watch is a substantial machine for the pilot in command. An instrument both on land and above it, the Invicta Aviator Chronograph Gunmetal 17204 Men’s Watch displays use of high-quality materials that generate tremendous intrigue about its highly affordable price. The precision has won over watch enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts and fashionistas alike and astounded quite a few of its competitor brands.

The Invicta Aviator Chronograph Gunmetal 17204 Men’s Watch is all about a design full of depth, borne from the seamless blend of substance and style. A prominent presence that never allows missing out whether the piece is on your wrist or off it, its compact and concealed functional features allows you to do a great many things in the speed department, whether in an average city life or beside the track. A great day-to-day, functional piece of accessory, the Invicta Aviator Chronograph Gunmetal 17204 Men’s Watch, with its Tritnite-filled hands and hour markers brighten up further the way you dress.

The additional components on and around the dial of the Invicta Aviator Chronograph Gunmetal 17204 Men’s Watch are the three subdials, the date window and the tachymeter scale. These are the tools that handle the time counting nitty-gritty both on and off the track.

The Invicta Russian Diver Watch embraces a new style that soars above the standard concept. It has been expressly designed for civilian pilots to provide the basic essentials required in a flight, like standard time measurement up to 60 minutes; accumulated elapsed-time measurement and split-time measurement. The tachymeter is for calculating the current speed and also to find out approximate time of arrival.

Rugged stainless steel with correlating black and red colorations and in both brushed and polished surfaces, the Invicta I-Force Chronograph Men’s Watch is built to tackle efficiently the stress of flying across the oceans around the globe, it is a dynamic choice that has been cleared for takeoff.

Bottom line: Undeniably, the Invicta Aviator Men’s Watch strikes hard with its combination of red and black in a slim profile that stands out amidst all other aviator watches irrespective of brands. A watch that makes for great visual pleasures, everything from the edge of its bezel to its crown and pushers and the buckle contributes for some serious aesthetic attraction.


Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Black Dial 100M DZ4291 Mens Watch

Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Black Dial 100M DZ4291 Mens WatchIndustrial looks in gunmetal tone has always been men’s favorite. Add to that a dash of orange and things suddenly turned a lot more interesting. A dark, reserved ambience gets a vibrant, energetic touch and turns the Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Black Dial 100M DZ4291 Mens Watch an everyday casual wear, ideally fit for styles in the between semi-formal and casual.

The Mega Chief: In brief

The Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Black Dial 100M DZ4291 Mens Watch is a fun-to-wear timepiece that rides the modern, industrial fashion trends. The craftsmanship is exceptional; it’s design, simple and up-front. An overall very dependable built, the Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Black Dial 100M DZ4291 Mens Watch is perfectly suited for both day- and night-outs.

The prime highlights of the Diesel Watches For Men are its large, round dial and its chronograph functionality. The orange burst is present in metered doses, brimming yet not overflowing from the areas in the dial they are contained in. The sudden, little bright burst of white on the small-seconds subdial brings the necessary break and keeps the orange tint from getting monotonous while the outer periphery of the dial shows the exact halfways between the hour-markers. The date window is cut out from the slightly-extended crown guard, which also bears the brand’s name and water resistance capacity.

The Mega Chief: By parts

• Case: Pure stainless steel, rounded and polished, large size (51mm); with push buttons and crown made from the same material.
• Band: Extra-wide (26mm), black, pebble-grain calfskin leather; clasp/closure made from ion-plated stainless steel.
• Bezel: Fixed; ion-plated stainless steel; date display at 3 o’clock.
• Dial: Dual-layer, brushed, colored in black and orange. Comprises Arabic hour marker at 12; lumed, orange index-markers; chronograph sub-dials (3), lumed hour and minute hands; covered with mineral glass.
• Movement: Analogue, Japanese, chronograph quartz movement with 1/10th second counting capability; counts up to 60 minutes.
• Water resistance: 330 feet.

Winning points:

The Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Black Dial 100M DZ4291 Mens Watch is unique! It can definitely be called a game changer with its bright, colorful accents and details that impart a fun, trendy look! The Diesel Master Chief Mens Watch combines polished and matte details to bring about a wonderful, dark after-hours effect. Its sheer size brings it the very masculine vibe while black leather puts a touch of luscious and refined aura like no other! Even if you spill beer upon it, it’ll be fine and a few bumps on the pool table are nothing that it can feel! The only glitch is how much ever you like it, you won’t wear it if you are less than an average wrist size!


Movado Museum Classic Watches – Iconic Design with High Quality Timepieces

Movado Museum Classic WatchesThe Movado Museum Classic watches are high quality timepieces built on an iconic design and had their heydays throughout the ‘90s. The longstanding Movado Museum received a slight revision on the dial sometimes back, which was due to the slow subsiding of the timepieces from mainstream culture. But none else other than Movado to blame for the same; it’s Movado’s introduction of other designs like the Sapphire Synergy that made the public attention shift.

Fact remains: The Museum Movado Classic is one of those designs that despite being experimental and modern didn’t flinch a bit from its utilitarian approach. Complete and successful, the original design concept of Nathan George Horwitt (American Jewish-Russian immigrant, the designer) shows through the Movado Museum Dial Classic, which marks the brand’s relatively pure return to the core Museum theme.

The Movado Museum dial was designed way back in 1947. The idea of a watch dial with no markers is controversial and many frowned upon it, especially those who never liked form taking over function. However, Horwitt’s was pretty much inspired with the Bauhaus-style which, je wanted to convert from a mere design to functional art, removing the unnecessary and keeping the core elements intact. Civil time always depends on the Sun and therefore, the dot at 12! The result was a transformation in the people’s psychology in an era of digital timepieces when wearing watches got reduced to sheer utility as against for style and emotional reasons. That decade, the Museum became more pronounced and turned a larger chunk attentive towards the luxury-side of watch-wearing.

However, the early 2000s found the popularity of the Movado Museum Sport Mens Watch dip as it went against the emerging tastes of dinner-plates on the wrists. The Museum, compared to the gargantuan new sizes, was much smaller in diameter and dress-styles were been replaced by tough, macho and sportier looks. Moreover, the Movado Museum ran on quartz movements despite its mechanical looks, which also annoyed them who were then focusing on mechanical watches. However, over the years, Movado Watches brought out larger diameters, sport versions and even a few mechanical versions to move very close within no time to the success of 1990s which the classic models enjoyed. With the new Museum Classic watches, Movado genuinely returned to their former simple elegance, now with enough modern updates, like the darker outer rings and slightly-lighter inner rings around the dial. The dauphine-style hands made a comeback while the polished Sun marker appeared brighter than ever before.

Today, the classic black-dialed version is also available in blue; in PVD-coated rose gold and also two-toned models with either leather straps or steel bracelets. All these point toward one thing: The beauty of the Museum Dial watch is relevant and apparent for today as it was some 20 years back and the attractive concept and genius never stops to amaze!

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